Sparky Linux 3.4 Game Over

Sparky Linux 3.4 Codename „Game Over“ ist erschienen. Die auf Debian basierende Gaming Distribution setzt auf einen LXDE Desktop und kann stark duch Geschwindigkeit punkten.


Hier einmal die Release Notes:

SparkyLinux 3.4 “GameOver” is out.

It has been built on the top of SparkyLinux 3.4 “Annagerman” and it’s fully compatible with Debian “testing” Jessie.
“GameOver” is a special edition of Sparky targeted to game players.

“GameOver” 3.4 feautures :
– access to games compiled for Linux platform
– access to “popular” and “modern” games via Steam and Desura platforms
– access to many games created for MS Windows platform via Wine and PlayOnLinux
– access to “old” games created for discontinued machines and systems via emulators

What’s under the hood of GameOver 3.4:
– Linux kernel 3.14-1 (3.14.7-1)
– all packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2014/07/03
– LXDE 0.5.5-6, Openbox 3.5.2-6, PCManFM 1.2.0-1, Iceweasel 30.0-2 and a few important applications
– support for installation on machines with EFI
– systemd is the default init system now, see how to change sysvinit to systemd:
– the repository list has been split:
* the main one features Debian repository only inside the file /etc/apt/sources.list
* all additional repositories have been moved to the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
– added new packages: hardinfo, mintstick
– steam & steam-launcher
– desura for linux
– wine & playonlinux
– set of old machines and systems emulators:
* DeSmuME – emulator for Nintendo DS games
* DOSBox – DOS system emulator
* MAME – arcade games emulator + GUI front-end GNOME Video Arcade
* NEStopia – Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
* PCSX-Reloaded – Sony PlayStation emulator
* Stella – Atari 2600 emulator
* Visual Boy Advance – Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color emulator
* Yabause – Sega Saturn emulator
* ZSNES – emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
– set of games: 0ad, 3dchess, airstrike, alienblaster, amphetamine, antigravitaattori, armagetronad, asciijump, asylum, atomix, balder2d, barrage, berusky, billard-gl, biniax2, black-box, blobandconquer, blobby, bloaboats, blockout2, brainparty, btanks, bygfoot, chromium-bsu, einstein, extremetuxracer, five-or-more, flare, foobillardplus, four-in-a-row, freecraft, freedroid, frozen-bubble, funnyboat, gnome-chess, gnome-hearts, gnome-klotski, gnome-mahjongg, gnome-mastermind, gnome-mines, gnome-nibbles, gnome-robots, gome-sudoku, gnome-tetravex, gnubik, gnuchess, gnugo, gtkatlantic, gtkpool, gunroar, holdingnuts, iango, lbreakout2, lightsoff, liquidwar, ltris, maelstorm, megaglest, minetest, mokomaze, monopd, monsterz, moon-buggy, moon-lander, netmaze, netpanzer, neverball, neverputt, openarena, pacman, performous, pingus, quadrapassel, scorched3d, slimevolley, smc, snake4, snowballz, supertux, supertuxkart, swell-foop, tali, teeworlds, tennix, tetzle, tomatoes, transcend, warzone2100, wesnoth, widelands, xblast, xmoto, zaz

Man beachte die Fülle von Spielen die bei Sparky Linux 3.4 direkt mit an Bord sind. Das sind zwar keine AAA Titel wie „Call of Duty“ oder Konsorten, sollten aber die ein oder andere Stunde Zeitvertreib ermöglichen.

Link zu den Release Notes und dem Download: