FreeBSD 9.3-RC2

Kurzer Post. Der RC2 von FreeBSD 9.3 ist da.  Hier mal die Änderungen zwischen FreeBSD 9.3-RC1 und RC2:

Changes between 9.3-RC1 and 9.3-RC2 include:
A bug in the fast rx buffer recycle path has been fixed in the
      cxgbe(4) driver.
A bug that would incorrectly allow two listening SCTP sockets on
      the same port bound to the wildcard address has been fixed.
Multiple vulnerabilities have been fixed in file(1) and
      libmagic(3).  [FreeBSD-SA-14:16.file]
A workaround has been implemented to fix serial ports on certain
      motherboards, in particular the Intel D2500CCE board.
A bug in bsdgrep(1) that would prevent certain pattern matching
      has been fixed.
The bsdconfig(8) utility has been updated to support pkg(8)-format
Firmware for the cxgbe(4) Chelsio T4 and T5 cards has been updated
      to version

Wer sich das genauer durchlesen will, hier der Link zu den Release Notes:

FreeBSD 9.3-RC2 findet ihr hier zum Download: